About us

My family

We are a small family owned business.

The inspiration for our company name and product came from the definition of affect: Make a difference. 

As a man with a beard myself, I created these products to improve the softness, strength, and health of your skin and beard.

I started growing facial hair in 2008 when I made the decision to stop shaving because I got tired of the stinging razor burn.

This was the last time I was ever clean shaven – Dec 2008

Since then my facial hair has seen various looks

Goatee – summer 2011
The beginning of the beard – Fall 2012

However wasn’t until Sept 2014 that I started truly learning about the importance of beard care.

The start of using beard care – Fall 2014

I experimented with a variety of beard care products to improve the health of my beard during the process. However, I could not find a product that wouldn’t cause me to have acne breakouts and ingrown hair, It was so frustrating that I eventually quit using products all together.

Then, in 2020, after noticing my beard was dry and unhealthy, and my skin was constantly itching, I wanted to do something about it.

That was when I started researching ingredients and products and started making beard products for myself.

So after more than a year and a half of testing and studying on my own, I launched my product and this brand in November of 2021.