Beard balm or oil

When it comes to beard care, two of the most popular products on the market are beard balm and beard oil. If I only had to pick one between beard balm or oil, I would choose, 100 times out of 100, beard oil, and this is why.

Why beard oil is the top choice

Both products have their place in proper beard grooming. However, only one product is a must-have and provides the following benefits:

  • Hydration and nourishment: a premium beard oil contains a mixture of nutrient-dense carrier oil ingredients. These ingredients deeply penetrate the skin to replenish moisture and vital nutrients. Beard balm, on the other hand, provides little in the way of nourishment.
  • Skin Help: Healthy skin is the foundation of a well-groomed beard. The nourishing qualities of beard oil protect against irritation, flakiness, and inflammation by moisturizing the skin beneath the facial hair. A beard, although beautiful, sucks up the little moisture your jawline produces, leaving it dry like the Sahara desert. That is the opposite of what you want, which is why beard oil is crucial! Beard balm is used to help style the beard hair only. It does nothing to provide skin benefits. The healthier the skin is, the healthier the beard will be.
  • Versatility: Beard oil is a versatile product that works well for both thick and short beards, providing consistent and full coverage. Beard balm is only beneficial for longer beards, as you need longer length for beard hair control.
  • Growth: Beyond simply keeping your beard looking good, beard oil stimulates the circulation of your hair follicles, which will eventually lead to a bigger, healthier beard. Patchiness is reduced, and stronger, more durable hair strands will develop with regular application. Beard balm does none of that.

What beard balm is good for

Beyond helping with styling and taming longer facial hair, beard balm provides little in terms of actual health benefits to your beard or the skin underneath. Even then, I would rather use a product like beard butter or beard wax. Beard butter provides better nutrients to the actual beard hair than beard balm. And beard wax provides a stronger hold when it comes to styling and taming the beard hair.

Which beard products are the best?

When you factor in all the benefits of each beard product, here is the hierarchy of what I believe is the best and most important:

  • Beard oil: see above; it is the undisputed king of beard care products
  • Beard wash: the healthier and clearer your pores are of gunk, the healthier your beard will grow and look
  • Beard butter: a creamy facial hair product, will only provide deep conditioning to the actual beard hair and provide a bit of hold if it contains the right ingredients.
  • Beard and mustache wax: this is my go-to when I need help controlling wild beard hairs.
  • Beard balm: it’s last, and for good reason, it tries to be “jack of all trades, but ends up the master of none.” Instead of being solely focused on doing one thing great, it just ends up being mediocre in all areas.

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