Beard Balm vs Beard Butter

Have you ever wondered which was better for your beard? We will solve the much-debated battle of beard balm vs beard butter

Have you ever wondered what the difference between beard balm and beard butter was? In this article, we will solve the much-debated battle of beard balm vs. beard butter. We will also break down what each product is, how they are the same, how they differ, and ultimately which option is the better choice for your beard.

What are they?

There are three main products on the market to help maintain and create the best-looking beard possible: beard oil, beard butter and beard balm. The last two are often mistakenly identified as each other, so we will provide you with a breakdown of what each product is.

Beard Balm:

is a product that is made with a combination of key ingredients, such as natural oils and wax.

Beard Butter:

is a product that is made with a combination of natural oils and butter, such as shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter, but no wax.


In the end, they are similar in that they are made more for the actual beard hair and have a similar solid appearance. Whereas beard oil is made for the skin underneath the beard and is liquid,


As we mentioned above, the difference between the two products is the use of wax. The purpose of wax in a beard balm is to provide a hold on the beard to help with shaping and styling. The reason why beard butter does not use wax is because it is more of a softening and conditioning product than a shaping and styling product. So when you feel the two products, you will notice beard balm is harder to dig, often requiring a pick. Whereas beard butter has a soft and smooth consistency,

creamy beard butter

Beard Balm vs Beard Butter: Which is better for me?

Here is why we believe beard butter is better for the longtime health of your beard over using beard balm:

  • Moisturization: Because beard butter does not contain wax, it offers an unrivaled level of moisturization to your beard hair due to the butter content in the ingredients. The beard feels wonderfully smooth and manageable because it deeply penetrates the hair shaft Beeswax, unfortunately, is so dense that it blocks the natural oils from doing any deep penetration into the hair.
  • Waxy Residue: Speaking of beeswax, since a beard balm uses a heavy dosage of beeswax, it will leave behind a waxy residue and feeling on your fingers and will make your beard stiffer feeling. In contract because beard butter is all about nourishment it will absorb quickly and does not leave behind a waxy residue and make your beard feel softer and more natural.
  • Versatility: beard butter is more versatile in that you can use it hand in hand with beard oil. Whereas if you use beard oil with beard balm, it will break down the beard balm and make the hold of the wax obsolete.
    Beard butter will also work better for those with coarser beard hair or dry-feeling beard hair. It will penetrate the beard hair shaft, as mentioned above, to deliver a powerhouse of nutrients to soften and strengthen the beard hair.
Crisp Mountain Woods Beard Butter

How often should I use it?

In the end, I hope you can see that beard butter has more benefits, both for your long-term health and the appearance of your beard. Because beard butter doesn’t contain suffocating wax, it is safe to use each and every day. We would recommend beard wax only when absolutely needed, such as for a photo shoot where you want each hair in its place.

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