Beard Butter or Beard Oil First

What should you use first, beard butter or beard oil?
Beard butter and beard oil are two products that have become important in the world of beard upkeep. Choosing between these essentials for grooming might be difficult, regardless of your level of experience with facial hair.

We’ll examine the differences between beard oil and butter in this in-depth guide, so you can choose the one that works best for you and take the first step toward a well-groomed beard.

What is beard butter?

It’s a combination of natural oils and butters. Ingredients, which include shea butter and coconut oil, are utilized to make beard butter, a nourishing and hydrating product. It’s thick consistency softens tough hair strands and offers intense moisture, controlling unruly face hair. Beard butter’s moisturizing properties also help in reducing dryness and itching, encouraging a strong, full beard. Also, beard butter often has mild scents that assist your grooming regimen without overpowering your natural smell.

What is beard oil?

In contrast, beard oil is a versatile, lightweight grooming liquid made mainly of carrier oils such as sweet almond, jojoba, and argan oils. Beard oil absorbs quickly, penetrating both the skin beneath the hair follicles and the skin itself to restore moisture. Beard oil is an excellent moisturizing product that does more than just hydrate hair; it strengthens strands and prevents them from breaking at the root.

Which should I use first?

The answer to this will depend on your personal grooming preferences and needs.

I believe every male who has facial hair should, at the very least, use beard oil. The health and nutrient benefits for the skin and root of the hair are so important. Beard oil is suitable for all skin types and beard lengths. It is an essential part of many grooming procedures since it provides rapid hydration and conditioning. So, regardless of the length of your facial hair, you should be using beard oil.

Beard butter is a nice sidekick to beard oil. Where beard butter really shines is for those who have longer beards. Longer beards have a tendency to become dry and brittle, and because beard butter coats the hair, it provides long-lasting hydration to the beard hair from root to tip.

So to put it simply, if you are looking to use both beard oil and beard butter at the same time for a powerful 1-2 punch of health to your beard, here are the steps I take.

First, I use beard oil. And really focus on massaging the beard oil into the skin underneath the beard. Of course, some will end up on the beard hair, but I really work the beard oil into the skin.

Second, I wait a few minutes to allow the beard oil to absorb into the skin, and then I apply a dime-sized amount of beard butter.

When applying, I lightly rub the beard butter on the surface of the beard hair and follow it up with a brush to help distribute the butter across the full length of the beard hair.

and that’s it. Complete moisturizing and nutrition from the skin underneath the beard to the tip of the beard.

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