Beard Oil vs Balm – here is why beard oil is better

Despite the fact that each has its own advantages, we will discuss why in the battle of beard oil vs balm, beard oil triumphs over balm and why using high-quality products is crucial for keeping a well-groomed and healthy beard.

Beard Oil is the gold standard for optimal beard health over balm

A quality beard oil like the one offered here is made up of high quality all natural carrier oils with the purpose of providing health and benefits to not only the facial hair but the skin underneath. Whereas beard balms are traditionally made with a high concentration of wax such as beeswax or pine tar resin which blocks the ability of skin and hair absorption.

What beard oil does for the skin:

  • Beard oil effectively hydrates the skin beneath the beard avoiding dryness, itching, and flakiness. The mixture of carrier oils helps penetrate the skin deeply and delivers vital nutrients that support the growth of a healthy beard and skin to avoid having acne and ingrown hairs.
  • Beard balm is a thicker product which can clog pores and increase the chance of acne breakouts and ingrown hairs. Also by clogging the pores it will make the beard hair slower in growth.

What beard oil does for the beard hair itself:

  • The special combination of oils in beard oil works to soften coarse facial hair from the base of the hair follicle all the way to the roof, making it easier to manage and style. A softer, smoother, and more enjoyable to touch beard is the end result.
  • Beard balm is more a style product than a product that provides health benefits. Beard balm is a thicker product that will help weigh down the hair to make it easier to style the way you want but it will also provide a stiffer unnatural look opposed to beard oil which will provide a more free flowing and natural look.

Application of each:

Another advantage of beard oil is the ease of applying the product. Our beard oil is shipped with a dropper top which will allow you to draw up and disperse the amount you want. Where as a beard balm requires you to dig it out with finger nail or a guitar pick.

Beard oil is also a lighter weight in comparison to beard balm so it won’t weigh down your facial hair.

Beard oil also doesn’t not leave behind a greasy, paste like appearance on the beard like a beard balm will.

Compatibility of beard oil and balm with other beard products and grooming

Making beard oil the cornerstone of your beard care routine will allow you to use other beard care products more efficiently. Such as combining it with a beard butter to give it a full from root to tip moisturizing treatment without the harsh layer of wax. You wouldn’t want to use a beard butter and beard balm together because it will put to much weight on the hair follicle giving it a chance to break off prematurely.

Beard wash is another beard grooming product that will work much better with beard oil then a beard balm. Beard wash will be more effective in cleaning the beard hair and skin underneath with a beard oil because the beard oil will not provide a resistance layer like a beard balm will do with it’s wax content.


In the battle between beard oil vs beard balm it is clear that for the best, strongest and healthiest beard possible using beard oil should be your go to over beard balm because it provides you the most benefits. The only benefit a beard balm has over beard oil is the fact it will help you style it easier. But styling can be accomplished by using a beard oil first, and then adding either beard butter afterwards or even using a separate wax product like our stache and style wax where you will be able to target the areas you want to shape.


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