The Ultimate Guide to the Best Beard Care Kit

When it comes to facial hair grooming, a comb or brush is not enough to achieve a healthy, 
well-maintained beard. The secret is in the products you buy. For the best beard care kit, this guide will explain the importance of the three main beard care essentials: beard oil, beard wash, and beard butter, and why they should be at the very top of your beard grooming arsenal to unlock your best beard!

The Foundation of your kit: Beard Wash

A quality beard wash should focus on nourishing and cleaning the skin and facial hair without drying them out.

You might be saying to yourself, “Oh, I use shampoo, face wash, or soap to clean my beard, so I am good there.” But you would be wrong.

Shampoo, face wash, and soap are created to be higher on the pH level, and the reason they are is because they are designed to remove excess oil. So that is great for area’s like your forehead or scalp, which daily produces a ton of oil.

But using it on your beard means it eliminates the little amount of natural oils your cheek and chin produce.

That is why a beard wash that features natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, and carrier oils like argan and coconut oil are a must-have in a beard care kit! Using a wash that features these ingredients will clean and soothe the skin and promote a healthy growing environment that is free of dirt and grim for the beard.

Up next for the best beard care kit is:

Taking care of the roots: Beard Oil

The importance of using beard oil and a good beard oil at that cannot be overstated.

Beard oil hydrates your beard and skin underneath. Much like moisture is essential to growing a tree or flower, the same applies to your beard. As we mentioned in the beard wash section, your cheeks and chin do not produce enough natural oil alone to maintain a healthy, strong beard. That is why beard oil is a must-have to take your beard from good to great!

Quality beard oils are packed with natural carrier oils like jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and natural vitamin E to not only help the strength of the beard hair but also repair and hydrate the damaged and dry skin at the root of the beard!

If your beard is itchy, it is likely because your skin is craving moisture! So feed it with beard oil!

Lock in the moisture with: Beard Butter

While beard oil lays the foundation, beard butter takes it a step further by sealing in moisture and providing long-lasting hydration. The best beard butters are made to coat the beard hair alone. This product is creamier and thicker than beard oil, and there is a reason why.

By using beard butter after applying beard oil, it will coat the beard hair and cause it to absorb all the health benefits found in the mixture of natural ingredients of shea butter and cocoa butter. This will give you a softer, smoother-feeling beard that is healthier and easier to comb and groom.

Conclusion: What is the best beard care kit?

To wrap all this up, the best beard care kit will feature:

  • Beard Wash
  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Butter

These 3 products are the must-haves in the best beard care kit. These will ensure not only that you have a good-looking beard but also a healthy beard!

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