How to get a softer beard

If you are looking to get a softer well-groomed beard but are struggling with rough and coarse feeling beard hair, here is a list of things you can do to get a softer beard

Hydrate for a softer beard:

Staying hydrated and drinking enough water will do wonders for your overall skin health and beard! Drinking water delivers the necessary nutrients and minerals your skin and body needs to strengthen the beard hair, improve skin and provide an overall healthier shiner appearance to your beard.

Wash your beard to make it softer:

Cleaning your beard will help make it softer because it will take away dirt, grim, environmental pollutants that suffocate the beard hair and clog pores on the skin from receiving the nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy.
When washing your beard, you do want to avoid the use of products on your beard such as shampoos and face washes that contain sulfates and alcohols. Those chemicals will strip your skin and beard of the natural oils it produces, leaving you with damaged, dried out looking beard.
Instead use a beard wash that is designed specifically for the face and beard hair, that will clean the hair and not strip it of necessary oils.

Use Beard Oil and Beard Butter:

Using beard oil and beard butter is a great way to help soften your beard.

Beard oil will absorb into the skin and keep it moisturized, reduce itchiness and dry skin that can causing beardruff (think dandruff but from your face instead of your head). In addition beard oil will moisturize your beard hair making it softer and easier to brush/comb.

Beard butter is a specialty beard care product that differs from beard oil but works great on the beard hair itself. It acts as a softener and conditioner by locking moisture into the hair shaft. Beard butter will also act as an additional protection from heat!

Avoid heat:

Now I am not saying become like Dracula and avoid sunlight, because sun rays and vitamin D are awesome for your beard. But when outside make sure you at least use beard oil and beard butter to help protect the hair from the direct heat. In addition, if you are using a blow dryer or beard straightener with heat to style your beard, it is essential to put beard oil on before using to avoid frying your hair.

Trim your beard:

Part of keeping a soft beard is trimming away dead or dying beard hairs that have begun to split end. Split ends can cause the beard to feel rough. By trimming those ends will provide you a softer beard.

Following these above steps will greatly improve the health of your skin and beard hair which will end up giving you a softer beard

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