Mustache Wax vs Beard Balm

Mustache wax vs. beard balm? How to choose the right grooming product for you!

There are a lot of products offered to help keep up a great-looking beard. Beard balm and mustache wax are two common choices. Even though they might initially appear to be similar, each has a different function and has advantages of its own. To assist you in making a choice, let’s examine the distinctions between beard balm and mustache wax.

Mustache Wax:

Mustache wax is a styling product designed especially to hold and shape your mustache in place. A main ingredient in mustache wax is beeswax. This sticky substance allows you to keep wild, wayward hairs in place. Plus, it gives you a strong hold to help you style a mustache or beard. This product will work not only on your mustache but also on other areas of facial hair that you want to shape and style.

One thing that makes mustache wax different from beard balm is its firmness. Mustache wax to the touch will be hard, and the reason for that is because of beeswax. When the main ingredient in a quality mustache wax is beeswax, the product will be much firmer and provide a longer-lasting hold. This will allow you to create styles with your mustache, like handle bars.

Applying mustache wax is also different from beard balm. With mustache wax, a little goes a long way. Start with a small amount of wax, warm it between your fingers to soften it, then apply it evenly to your mustache and areas of your beard that you want to control. The more wax you use, the more firm and stiff the beard and mustache will feel.

Beard Balm:

Beard balm is a multipurpose grooming product. In terms of use, a beard balm sits in between a mustache wax whose benefit is styling and a beard butter that hydrates your beard. Beard balm is typically made with a mixture of beeswax and carrier oils. The goal of this product is to provide moisture and nutrients to your facial hair and the skin beneath it. However, that really depends on the maker of the product. The more they want it to be a styling product (so heavier on the beeswax/hold) or a nourishing product (less beeswax/hold),.

The best use for beard balm is for those with longer facial hair. Applying beard balm is similar to applying mustache wax. You want to scrape out the amount desired and apply it to the beard hair and skin underneath.

Mustache Wax vs Beard Balm

Who is the winner, and which should you use on your beard? Well, that is ultimately up to you and your goals. For me, I stay away from beard balms because it’s not every day that I need to help shape and style my beard. In addition, I hate the feeling of a stiff beard. When I want my beard to feel softer, I use a beeswax-free beard butter. I only use a mustache wax when I want to style or need extra hold for some flyaway beard hairs. For that, I use a separate mustache wax.

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