Beard Butter Starter Pack

The Beard butter Starter pack is a great way to try our various scented products to find your favorite at a cost effective price.

It also is a great way to have variety of scent options for each day if you get sick and tired of the same scent day after day.

Our beard butter starter pack contains 8- 15ml samples of our various scents.

Beard butter is a product designed to provide hydration and nourishment to the beard hair. The benefits include: conditioning the beard hair to make it softer and more manageable. It will also strengthen the beard hair to avoid breakage and split ends. It can also help with hair knots and overall make it easier to style.

Our Beard butter product is made clean all natural butters and carrier oils. The ingredients are:

Shea Butter seals moisture into the hair shaft and also provides softness to the hair.

Mango Butter rich in vitamins it protects the beard hair from the inside out to reduce breakage, split ends and deeply moisturizes the hair shaft.

Cocoa Butter provides long lasting hydration to the beard hair helping stay softer for an extended period time. In addition it deeply penetrates the hair follicle with nourishment. It is also a thicker heavier butter which provides a natural way to help tame and style the beard hair.

Fractionated Coconut Oil provides conditioning to the hair and because it is a thicker oil is also provides weight to the product to help tame wild hair.

Sunflower Seed Oil provides hydration and also protects the hair for UV or heat damage.

Natural vitamin E oil helps coat and seal in moisture on the hair shaft to protect against breakage and dryness.

Another bonus of this product is the scent. Our product has seven varying scent options choose from. Our scents are made with essential oils and skin and hair safe fragrance oils. The scents don’t directly benefit the skin or hair, but do provide a aroma similar to a cologne.

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