Beard Mustache Wax

Beard and mustache wax is a grooming product specifically designed to help shape and hold the hair of beard and mustache in place. Our product is intended to have a medium grip. A medium hold product gives your beard and mustache a more natural, flowing appearance rather than a stiff, harsh look.

The main purpose of beard and mustache wax is that it will allow for styling and shaping of the hair. It can is used to tame unruly hairs, create defined lines, and hold a specific style in place. This can make the beard and mustache look neat and well-groomed.

Our beard and mustache wax contains only clean all natural ingredients. The ingredients we use are:

Beeswax – sourced directly from a beekeeper in Utah. Beeswax is a natural glue like ingredient. This ingredient will be what allows the user to help shape and style the beard and mustache.

Lanolin oil provides moisturize to help protect the hair from damage caused by the wax. It also acts a way to help hold hair in place

Sunflower Seed Oil provides hydration and protects the hair for UV or heat damage.

Our product comes unscented to provide you a cost effective way to help style and hold your facial hair without causing clashing scent profiles when used with cologne, beard oil or beard butter.

This product is great for the person with a longer, heavier, untamable beard and mustache> It will give you a more natural, shaped and groomed look to your facial hair.

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