What is beard oil used for?

Have you ever wondered why some beards look amazing, healthy, and full while others look, well.. the opposite? The answer is simple – beard care. Especially the use of a little thing called beard oil. So let’s look into the why, how and what this item is.

Why do people use beard oil?

When someone uses this product, it’s because they realize that caring for their beard is as important as other daily grooming habits such as putting on deodorant and combing their hair. But why do they use it? Here is why

  • They want their beard to feel soft and strong: When used regularly this product will help the hair become softer and it grow, It will also give a vibrant, healthy appearance as opposed to a dry and rough look. It’s similar to a flower or plant. If you don’t water the plant, it will look dry and shriveled. Same goes with your beard.
  • Helps get rid of the itch: Growing a beard sucks the moisture out of your skin and unlike your head which produces a lot of oil, our face does not. By using this you are reintroducing moisture to your skin to get rid of the inflammation that causes the itchiness.
  • Keeps your skin healthy: Yes that is right, many think that beard oil is only for the beard itself, but when properly made, it will actually help your skin stay healthy. Which is important because a healthy skin equals a healthy beard.
  • The scent: That’s right, beard oil can typically come with an amazing scent profile similar to a cologne. While the most important parts of the product are what is listed above, a nice smelling scent is the cherry on top.

How is beard oil used?

It’s as simple as:

  • #1 – Wet your beard and skin. Why? because when the beard and skin are damp the oil will be better absorbed. Better absorption equals a better beard.
  • #2 – Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together so you can massage it into your skin underneath the beard. Now a question we get asked a lot is – how much should I use? And the answer is… it depends. Everybody is different with how much they need. Our best advice is start with a 1/4 fill of the dropper and apply. After applying wait 30 minutes, and run your hand through your beard. If it just soaks your hand, then that means your skin is slower on the absorption, so you can use a little less the next time.
  • #3 – Gently massage into the skin: That’s right – get that oil onto the skin including the neck, under the chin, on the cheeks and on the chin itself. Really work that into the skin. Because again the healthier and happier the skin is, the better the beard will be!
  • #4 – Comb the beard: That’s right the last step requires you to comb it, not necessarily to style it but more as another opportunity to help massage the oil into the skin

So now that we have covered the Why and the How, the final question is the what

What is it?

It is designed to reintroduce moisture into the skin, while also giving helpful nutrients like vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants. Those nutrients will help the beard grow softer and stronger and the skin stay itch free without dry flakes.

If you are ready for your beard to look, feel and smell better

What is beard oil used for?

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